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Our Mission

To make managing your business finances easy, efficient, and enjoyable through personalized service.

Our Story

Helping Small Businesses Thrive

Melissa Armstrong

Sara Restelli

Melissa Armstrong

Partner, Bottom-Line Bookkeeping & Tax, LLC

Hi! I’m Melissa, founder of Bottom-Line Bookkeeping and Tax.

I’m passionate about helping small businesses thrive.

I began my career right out of college working for a CPA. Back then, filing a client’s taxes meant sorting through a shoe-box full of receipts and hand-written memos!

Although I enjoyed my job, it felt so impersonal. Because the focus was simply on the numbers, I didn’t interact much with the clients.

I began feeling drawn toward the more personalized connections and the deeper impact that working directly with small business owners brings, so I transitioned out of the larger corporate world.

In 2016 I joined forces with my business partner, Sara Restelli, who brought her amazing talents for cultivating connections and building relationships with others to the table. Her determination, friendliness, and professionalism have helped Bottom-Line Bookkeeping grow into the successful, community-focused business.

Bottom-Line Bookkeeping and Tax has allowed me to use my 17+ years of tax experience and strong passion for building relationships within my community to help small businesses grow and thrive.

I believe that the success of a small business equals further success for a community as a whole, and that you can’t grow if you don’t know what you don’t know!

By working with the Bottom-Line team you’ll be engaging with real people whose bottom-line goal is to take the stress out of your bookkeeping process while making sure your money is going exactly where it needs to go – back into to your business!

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